Seekers and Solvers – A Closer Look

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Seekers and Solvers – A Closer Look

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What is Seekers & Solvers?

Seekers & Solvers is a program that provides content that is contemporary and relevant to real world problems.   It was initiated by Mr. Scarantino and Dr. Feit and is in its second year. Teachers create projects for students so that they will  learn many subjects in a fun, meaningful and memorable way. The projects relate to important situations in our big world and encourage collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

When do we start Seekers & Solvers?

Fifth graders start their Seekers & Solvers projects in the fall and then do a second cycle in the spring. Students choose their first and second choice.

The rest of the school starts this project by the week of March 4th. It runs for ten weeks- until May 22. This allows enough time for creative projects to be completed.

Why do students do Seekers & Solvers?

The Seekers & Solvers program at F.E. Bellows is an important way for teachers to help students think about and creatively solve real life world problems.  When kids then apply these ideas and experiences first-hand, it can enrich their thinking. For example, Mrs. Marks is doing a project involving water shortages in Africa with her class. These projects help kids learn about what we can do for our  Earth and its people.

How are these projects similar & different?

Third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade projects are slightly different, but are alike in some ways too.  For example:

  • All third graders are doing the same project. They are presently working on a project called “Habits of Mind and Work.”
  • Fourth graders work on  different projects depending on their teacher.   All classes try to problem solve creatively.
  • In the  fifth grade, you get to choose what Seekers & Solvers project you want to do!  For example, you can choose to take “Code Creators” taught by Mrs. Trotta.

Most students enjoy Seekers & Solvers. This has been a project that has been going on for a couple of years, and so far it is working out great!

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