Mamaroneck Avenue- So Much to Choose From

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Mamaroneck Avenue is a busy, bustling popular place in Mamaroneck. Many stores are being renovated on the Avenue. You can find many dessert stores, fitness gyms, salons, restaurants and exciting things to do there.

A lot of parents are complaining that there are too many dessert stores!   Some of the dessert stores are Ralph’s, Sobol, Milk and Cookies, Boiano Bakery, ABC Cupcakes, Cherry Tree, and Gelato (next to Sal’s Pizza). Many parents feel that there are too many unhealthy choices.

Milk and Cookies is a new cookie place on Mamaroneck Avenue. They sell very big cookies. Some of the cookies have cream in the middle. Others just have gooey middles. They have all different flavors.

The Boiano Bakery is a bakery with a big variety of pastries, cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. They have really good sweets. I think that a lot of people should go there!  

The old movie theater is being converted into a six-screen movie cinema this year.  Many people are very excited. I live very close to it, so I am so excited to have a movie theater right down the street. This movie theatre has been around for a long time.

Ralph’s just moved from Boston Post Road and has now opened on Mamaroneck Avenue!  They have very good ice cream and Italian ices. Ralph’s owner also owns an Acai Bowl store.

The Sobol – Acai Bowl store is connected to Ralph’s on the inside, but separated on the outside. They have different entrances. When you enter one of them there is a open connecting spot in the wall where you can go into the other space.

If you want a quick and easy dinner you can go to Sal’s. Sal’s is a famous pizzeria. Sal’s has been in Mamaroneck for over fifty years. Another pizzeria on the avenue is Emilio’s. Emilio’s is also quick and easy for dinner.

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