My name is Zoe Danielle.  I am nine and a half years old. I am in fourth grade. My teacher is Ms.Tosi. I work for my school newspaper.I have an older sister named Abigail and a twin brother named Zachary.  My favorite colors are blue and pink.I like to dance and sing for fun. Last year, I won my school’s karaoke contest and I plan to try to participate again. I love to collect stickers and erasers.  I love butterflies. They are my favorite.   I love to read, write and draw. I love going with my mom to the city and shopping for clothes. This summer, my dad took me and my brother to the Renaissance Fair. It was amazing!  I became friends with Robin Hood and Maid Marian, became a knight and danced with Pirates. Halloween is my favorite holiday. My mom bought me an amazing dollhouse for my birthday. That is all about me!

Zoe, Reporter

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