I was born on January 19, 2008, at 12:30 am in the birthing center of Saint Luke’s hospital in Manhattan. My mom speaks Spanish and she taught me Spanish, so I grew up speaking it. I liked singing songs with my mom and playing instruments in my nursery.  My half brother and sister live in Colorado but when they visit they played a lot with me. I didn’t have a pet growing up except for several goldfishes (my favorite was named Goldie.) As the years went by I got more interested in drawing and piano. I started piano classes when I was six and have played piano ever since.  My parents are scientists and they used to work in Cold Spring Harbor Lab. I went to an amazing preschool there. There was a beach, a huge grass field all around the preschool and a huge hill where my friends and I climbed up and rolled down the hill. There was a tennis court, and volleyball court where my mom played at the barbecue they had there every year.  I went to a small Montessori school for kindergarten. I went there for about three years and then I moved to Rye. F.E.Bellows is probably the biggest school I’ve ever been to. It was the only school I’ve been to that has a library, cafeteria, auditorium, music room, playground, field, and a gym. The teachers are really nice. My parents took me on a lot of trips when I was little. My first big trip was to China when I was five months old. My mom says everybody wanted to touch me there!  Some other countries my parents took me to are Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Norway, Mexico, Japan, and small islands that I can’t remember now. Another special trip was to the northernmost city in the world called Svalbard above the Arctic circle, so I got really close to the North Pole! I saw lots of puffins there and I went in June so the sun never went down! It was hard to sleep. I write to my friends in Queens sometimes and miss them a lot.

Siboney, Reporter

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