My name is Maya. My birthday is July 28th.  I am nine years old, and have a twin sister and a brother. My twin sister is nine years old just like me and my brother is twelve years old.  I am in fourth grade in Ms. Sped’s class. Next summer I might be getting a dog, possibly a cockapoo. I play the drums and so does my dad.  I also play the piano and my piano teacher is very strict. I am a family of five that travels a lot. The things I love to do for free time is to draw people.  Also, I like to make posters. For example, I made a poster of mine and Isabella’s friendship. My favorite foods are pizza, cake, shrimp, pancakes and waffles. My favorite sport is GaGa ball, it used to be basketball but that was in third grade. I also take dance classes.  I take  ballet on Mondays and hip-hop on Wednesdays. Also, during baseball season I like to watch with my dad, and I am a Red Sox fan. My favorite players are Mookie Betts and Benin Tendi but I call him Ben Ten just for short. That is all about me!


Maya, Reporter

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