My name is Malee, and  I am nine years old. My birthday is September 9, 2009. I am a fourth grader in Mrs. Marks and Mrs. Paquette’s class. I have an older brother, Andrew and an older sister, Vicky. I have a dog named Tucker, and he is so cute. I have a fish named Firecracker, he is super metallic and pretty. Some activities that I like to do are gymnastics, Girl Scouts, dance, and horseback riding. I like gymnastics because it makes me feel more flexible than I am and it makes me get exercise. Girl Scouts is fun because it makes me feel like a part of the community and I get to do activities that you don’t do every day. We also do activities like Halloween dances and ice cream sleepover parties. Dance is a good activity for me because I get to move to the beat and have fun! I am into horseback riding because it helps me get over my fear of heights and I get to enjoy nature and the outdoors. It also makes me feel relaxed, and I get to take care of my horse, Pumpkin.

Malee, Reporter

Nov 15, 2018
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