My name is Maddie and I love art (especially the 3D kind). Once I made a vending machine! I am an only child and will turn ten soon. My class in F.E. Bellows is 4SM/RP. I enjoy spending time outside in the sun. It is so beautiful to relax in the outdoors! I have a cat named Cosmo who is cuckoo. Sometimes I throw pom-poms for Cosmo to chase. He darts around the house like crazy! Cosmo is very cute too. I am reading the series: Anne of Green Gables. They are great books. I also enjoy writing, especially fantasy stories. I am writing a long fantasy novel with my friend and think that even if the Bellows Times isn’t fantasy, that it will be lots of fun. It will also be good writing practice. I like to write letters, about one every other day. I usually write them to my grandparents. I like music too. I am taking music lessons for music composition. I love everything about Japan and I am trying to learn Japanese. I hope I can go to Japan someday and be able to communicate in Japanese! My favorite animal is a panda. They are so cute! I like to play tennis, swim, and do taekwondo. I am a black belt! Concluding this, I have a lot of interests in arts like music, art, taekwondo, reading, and writing!


Maddie, Reporter

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