My name is Ignacio. I like to write when I am bored. I am nine years old. I am doing a state project in Ms.Wootten’s class. I picked Texas. I like to read a lot. My favorite sports are basketball and lacrosse. I like to learn about geography. My birthday is on December 25th. It is Christmas day! I am a Star Wars fan. My favorite character is General Grievous. I like to play battlefront, which is a Star Wars video game and Minecraft. I have a sister named Rafaela who is thirteen years old. She is in middle school. Also, my favorite specials are music with Mr. Galgano and gym with Coach Desio. Mr. Galgano is extremely funny because he has teddy bears that he throws to us while we are singing. I also like gym with Coach Desio. We play all fun games and sports. Coach Desio was my sister’s volleyball coach this year. I like to play with my neighbors outside. Ms. Speros lives about 50 steps away from my house. I like going to the beach in Ecuador, which is the country my family was born in. The waves are gigantic. Sometimes my cousins and I would classify the waves by categories. There was fish which is a normal wave, there was also shark wave which was a pretty strong wave, and there was a MEGALODON wave which once did wash me all the way to the shore. I washed all the way up to my baby cousins who were making sand castles.  I love having fun at the beach. I also love dogs a lot. This is my autobiography.

Ignacio, Reporter

Apr 21, 2019
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