Hi, my name is Freddie, and I am in The Bellows Times. I am in Fourth Grade, in Class 4PB\CP. I am 9 years old, and 4’8” tall. My favorite sport is soccer, and I play it  three times a week. I play guitar as well. I am in a band, and we are planning on starting next year once we all get better at our instruments. I am pretty good at guitar.

I was born in Sydney, Australia. I lived there for six years. My parents were born in England. They were supposed  to stay in Australia for a year, but they kept saying  “It’s so nice, we will stay another year.”  They kept repeating and repeating that, and after eight years, my older sister was born. I was born the year after. Three years after that my younger sister was born.

We left for America when I was six years old. We went to America because it was closer to England, where the rest of the extended family lived. It took about twenty hours to get from Australia to England.  When we were in America, we found out that it only took six hours to get from America to England. It took twenty-five hours in total to get from Australia to America. We took a flight  from Sydney, then landed in L.A, which took twenty-three hours.  We then took a plane from L.A to New York, which took a two hour flight. We love it here!

Well, that is a lot of things about me, but there is still more to come!

Freddie, Reporter