Abby R.
I’m Abby, and I am on the  F.E.  Bellows Times staff. I will tell you a little about me.  I am ten years old.  I used to play the trumpet and now I play  the flute. I have three siblings - two  boys and a sister.  Their  names are Matthew, Zachary, and Sofia. I play Lacrosse.  I played for two years and this year will be my third year.  I love art.  I like to paint!  I’m either playing on the computer or drawing a picture.  I have a dog named Bruno.  Pandas are my favorite animals, and my favorite subject is reading and writing. I like dream catchers. My teacher is Mrs. Wolman. My favorite color is blue.  My favorite holiday is Easter because my birthday is near that holiday and it's really fun. This is a little about me.

Abby R., Reporter