Tiger Woods Comeback

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After fourteen years, Tiger Woods has won another Masters!   The Masters is a major golf competition that has been around for eighty-five years.  It has been played since 1933 in Georgia at the Augusta National Golf Club. The winner gets to wear the famous green blazer and the prestige of winning one of golf’s greatest tournaments.

Even though he is forty-three, which is pretty old for golfers, Tiger Woods made a comeback by winning this year’s Masters by one stroke. One reason this was unexpected is because he has had some major injuries because of golf, such as a arthroscopic knee surgery.  Tiger Woods said his latest win hasn’t sunk in yet. He said that after his win, he has not been doing much. He said this is  very similar to his win in 1997, when it took him years to understand what he had accomplished.

This is the fifth time Tiger Woods has won the Masters. Tiger also has many other accomplishments. For example, Tiger is the only player to have won all four major professional golf tournaments in a row, which is now known as the “Tiger Slam.”  Loyal golf fans continue to root for Tiger.

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