Mets Have a New General Manager

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The Mets (a professional baseball franchise in New York since 1962) just signed a new general manager. A general manager is the person who signs players and coaches. The new General Manager for the Mets is Brodie Van Wagenen.

The good news is that the Mets now have a general manager who has experience with top players on the Mets. Van Wagenen was Jacob deGrom’s agent. Jacob deGrom is the Met’s top pitcher. That means if a team offered a deal for deGrom, Brodie Van Wagenen would have talked to deGrom to see if he wanted to be traded or to stay.

General managers are not the only ones to make deals with players and coaches. Sometimes the owners (in this case Fred and Jeff Wilpon) help make offers too. General managers are never on the field,  but spend most of the time in the clubhouse or dugout during games. The owners have less of the power to trade players, but can fire coaches or drop players when they feel that the players either aren’t good or not playing at their best. This means that the Wilpons (in this case) could fire Van Wagenen if they don’t like the trades or players (or coaches) that he picks.

Sandy Alderson was the General Manager  from 2010-2015 and Terry Collins managed the team until 2018.  All good wishes to the new General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen!


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