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Volleyball at Bellows

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This year Coach Fazio went to Daniel Warren and Coach Desio came to Bellows.  She began by presenting sports units and volleyball was one of them. So the Bellows Times decided to interview Coach Desio. She is the coach of Varsity Volleyball for our school district.  

  • Why did you choose the Volleyball Unit?

We try to give you an introduction to a handful of sports that will be offered in the middle school and high school and volleyball happens to be one of them

  1. What age do you think kids should start playing volleyball?

Unlike other sports, there are very few youth teams and developmental programs so children aren’t exposed to volleyball at a young age, however, the sport is becoming more and more popular and programs for young players are starting to pop up all over Westchester County.  I would say players as young as 2nd grade could truly benefit from starting at a young age and if it’s a sport you may want to play, starting at a young age would give you an advantage over players that are new to it.

    3.How long has volleyball been a sport?

Volleyball is over one hundred years old. On July 7, 1896, the first volleyball game was played at Springfield College. Now, it is an Olympic sport. Volleyball is played by both girls and boys.

Where did you start coaching Volleyball? Rye Neck. coached JV for two years and now coaching varsity

  1.       When did you start playing?

I played freshman year at Maria Regina.

  1.     How tall is a volleyball net?

Girls – 7’4” Boys – 7’11”

    6.How hard is a competitive volleyball?

4.5 lbs

   7.What are the main things you need to know when you’re playing volleyball?

You need to move, beat the ball, body control especially of arms, communicate and call the ball, and work together.

  8.Who invented volleyball?

William G. Morgan

  1.   What’s your favorite move in volleyball?

Spike and the Pancake

  10.How long have you been playing volleyball?

I played a little bit in high school and got more involved as an adult

  11.How many points and sets do you play in volleyball?

Varsity – you play up to 25 points, you must win by two and best out of five games. JV they play up to 25 points also, but play best of three.

 12.How tall do you need to be to play volleyball?

Height doesn’t matter, but typically the taller players play in the front and the shorter play in the back.

 13.What position is the most important in volleyball?

There really isn’t one position since it’s a team sport. However, if I had to pick it would be the setter, who runs the offense, and the libero, who runs the defense.

   14.What advice do you give to new volleyball players?

Be patient and don’t get frustrated because it is a really challenging sport.

   15.When is the new Softball Unit going to start?

April 23rd through May 4th

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2 Responses to “Volleyball at Bellows”

  1. Brooke on January 30th, 2018 9:12 am

    Awesome so many things I didn’t know about coach Desio

  2. Julia Kosakowski on January 30th, 2018 9:14 am

    I never knew these things about volleyball or Coach Desio. I love playing beach volleyball at my summer camp. Also regular volleyball. I think it was a smart idea to interview Coach Desio. It was an interesting article to read!

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