Should College Athletes be Paid?

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There is a debate going on as to whether or not college athletes should be paid. People could go on and on as to why college athletes should be paid and should not be paid. So what do you think- should college athletes be paid to play or should they play college sports for free?

Why they should be paid

College basketball and football players are the ones who provide a good time for fans who are okay with paying to watch their games, so they deserve to get paid. The thing about that is players on college baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and other sport teams don’t get anything. Some people think this isn’t fair because they are all fun sports to watch and play. Schools are making a lot of money when tickets are sold and a portion should be distributed to their players and/or a portion should come off of their tuition. If people agree that athletes get paid, then all sport teams should get an equal amount. Students devote a tremendous amount of time to their sport and should be rewarded.  Now you’ve heard the first part of this debate.  

Why they should not be paid

If colleges are going to pay their athletes, there would NOT be as much money to go around for any of the other important and necessary things like equipment, maintenance, salaries for coaches, etc.. College athletes should not be paid because some colleges cannot afford to give the players a large amount. Just imagine paying every single college athlete in that college! Also, colleges that receive more money and donations would then have an unfair advantage.  Some fans think that earning big allowances can be a teensy bit harmful. Athletes might depend heavily on the money they are given to help them live. The money helping them live is a good thing, but for the students heavily depending on it, this could be a bad thing.  Many college athletes do not go on to be professional athletes and this could steer them in the wrong direction.


My opinion is that college athletes should be paid because they provide lots of excitement for fans who buy tickets during games. I also think the payment should NOT depend on how good the team/single athlete is.  If I ever become a college athlete, I would like to be paid at least some money – probably like most people –  BU-UT….

I think that injured athletes should not be paid, because if they are sitting out of the games, they are not doing anything.  Would you pay an athlete who is injured?

What do you think?


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