New Dog Breeds

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This year, several new dog breeds were introduced to the world.  If you love dogs, and want to know the latest news, keep reading this article!  If you are looking for a new dog, you will also find it interesting!The Silken Windhound  is a new dog breed that is very furry and has a really long tail. It is a mix of the Borzoi, Whippet and Sheltie dog breeds.  The Silken Windhound may weigh between twenty-two and fifty-five pounds, which is less than a Borzoi weighs.

The next new dog breed is the Shiloh Shepherd which reminds me of the dog called Shiloh from the book called Shiloh!   It has really sharp teeth, looks like a husky, but is brownish in color. The Shiloh Shepherd is a huge dog that can weigh up to 160 pounds.

You might also find the Chinook interesting.  Although not a new breed, it is a rare breed of sled dog developed in the state of New Hampshire during the early 20th century. The Chinook became New Hampshire’s official state dog in 2009.    

These are some of the new and rare dog breeds that you can now recognize.  Maybe you will call one of them your pet someday!

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