Tappan Zee Bridge Comes Down

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The process of taking down the Tappan Zee Bridge began  on Tuesday, January 15, 2018. The 2019 bridge is called the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, named after the former Governor of NY from 1979 to 1982. Mario M. Cuomo was the father of our current NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo. Taking down the old bridge was a difficult feat because many things had to be taken into consideration like the weather, the environment, and not damaging the new bridge.

The Size of the Bridge

The length of the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge is 16,368 feet long which is 335 feet longer than the old one. There are eight lanes. That is more room because the old bridge had only seven lanes with a twelve foot width in each lane, but the new bridge has wider lanes. There is also a one-foot height difference between the two bridges. The old one was 138 feet  and new is 139 feet. There are also two spans that will allow traffic to flow more easily between Rockland County and Westchester.

The History of the Old Bridge

The original Tappan Zee bridge was built completed in 1955 and was only meant to be a temporary bridge to last fifty years. The bridge is located at the second widest point of the Hudson River and stretches three miles or 16,013 feet. In its early days the bridge was not used often.  Now, almost 150,000 vehicles cross the bridge each day. This caused a lot of wear and tear, and the need for a new bridge arose.

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