Happy Birthday Barbie!

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On March 9, 2019, Barbie (fictional name Barbara Millicent Roberts) officially turned sixty years old. Barbie is an iconic doll that is famous worldwide. Thousands of Barbie dolls are sold every day and about fifty-eight million dolls are sold a year! The Barbie doll has evolved over the years, and has continued, for generations, to be a favorite toy.

The original Barbie doll had blond hair and blue eyes and had a tiny waist.  Over the past ten years, this has changed. Barbie dolls now reflect different cultures.  The dolls now look similar to the people around them and the young children that are playing  with them. Now Barbies can have seven different skin tones, twenty-two eye colors, and twenty-four hairstyles.

In February of 2018,  the company, Mattel, released a new batch of dolls called “Role Model Dolls” which include famous women such as Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo and many more. “We are continuing to push ourselves and evolve,’’ said Lisa Mcknight, Mattel’s Senior Vice President.   

In conclusion, Happy Birthday to Barbie!  Kids love the changes you’ve made and look forward to what’s next.      

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