College Scandal

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Most of us have read in the news about the recent college scandal.  Some people have been cheating to get into top schools! Parents were worried that their children might not get into the school of their choice, so they bribed (gave money to) someone to help make it happen – even if they didn’t do the work!

To get into college, students take a test called the SAT or ACT.  The parents paid someone to either change or retake the test for their kids so that they would have a higher score.  Some of the students were aware of what their parents were doing and others were not. This is clearly not fair to all the kids that didn’t have help or that qualified to get into a top school,  but were either rejected or waitlisted.

How did everyone find out? The investigation went on for a long time.  William Rick Singer has admitted to being the organizer of the scheme. Parents would pay him money to either bribe coaches, test takers, or school officials.  The name of the investigation is known as “Varsity Blues.” When he was discovered, he agreed to cooperate. In order to get a lighter sentence, he released the names of all that were involved and agreed to testify in court. They found out a lot of people, including celebrities, paid him and his fake charity a lot of money to get them into good schools. They even pretended their kids, who had never played a particular sport, were recruits.  They did this by having their images photoshopped onto another athlete’s body.

All of this is illegal and the parents and possibly their children can face jail time if convicted.  It also has made the college admissions process seem unfair especially to those kids who work so hard. Having money shouldn’t be the ticket to a great college; hard work should!

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