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Innovative New Invention

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The nose is an important part of our senses. It runs through three pathways to deliver scents to the brain.  It also allows the hazardous germs found in mucus to be released from the body.


In this section, I will discuss the application and my idea for a new invention that will synchronize smells with movies.  

The machine will consist of the following:

An atomizer with an area for a liquid cartridge insert belt. 

A timed fan will activate according to the smell distribution (fan is activated by when the smell has been active for 30 seconds)and an aroma neutralizer behind fan (released with fan). 

There will also be a tasting machine. The tasting machine will consist of a heater for the liquidation of solids to liquid (all liquid tastes will be sold as a solid for durability), cooler (to control the temperature of taste.

Snow/Rain/Fog machine (elements in the same machine because of their water base) comprising of, water insert area (not included in disk due to inefficiency, just keep water level at full and the machine will dispense appropriately), tubes to separate converters (etc. Tube a leads to fog machine).  

The lightning machine will be a strobe light, and the wind machine consists of a timed fan.

The phone aroma machine will consist of an atomizer, battery (charging from phone), dripper, neutralizer insert, timed fan, hydraulic installation, micro-suction, plastic tube, and Bluetooth sensor.

Stay tuned as I try to make a prototype for this invention.



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Innovative New Invention