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On March 26, 2019 the fourth grade went to the New York Hall of Science. The Hall of Science has many exhibits and is a great destination to visit this summer.


The Hall of Science opened to the public in 1964. That is about fifty-five years ago!! The Hall remained open for fifteen years, but in 1979 closed for major renovations.  It later reopened in 1983. It costs less than ten dollars to enter for both kids and adults. The New York Hall of Science is located at  47-07 111th Avenue, Corona, NY.


Jetpacks -The virtual jetpack is a pair of virtual glasses where, in the “virtual” world, you fly over a grassy forest and a big city and a vast desert. You can look back at your jetpack and you will see it is a rotund backpack on your back.

Camouflage -Explore how technology can provide active camouflage and make humans invisible. This exhibit is a part of Bionic Me which is a part of the Hall of Science where you explore your body and see what you are truly capable of doing!

Mind Control – Compete against a friend using a brain-computer interface to control a ball using the power of your mind

Body Technology- Interact with different body systems by moving a screen over areas inside the human body. Investigate what you could do as you learn how the body works.

The fourth grade also saw a 3D movie called Backyard Wilderness.  It was based on an eleven year old girl seeing the natural world differently. This half-hour movie explained how animals change their habits from winter to spring. It showed how many animals come out of hibernation and come back from the place they migrated to. The documentary  was very interesting.

The New York Hall of Science is constantly updating their exhibits, movies and hands-on experiences. It is a great place to visit any time of year. They offer camps, workshops and birthday parties.  We highly recommend you return for another visit this summer.

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